3 Ways Your Mindset Determines Your Goals

When you were younger your parents probably did their absolute best to protect you right? They held your hand when you attempted your first steps to keep you from falling. Maybe they reminded you that you can be anything you wanted to be in life. If your parents were like mine, I personally experienced the “parental arm seatbelt”. You may have experienced this too, it’s when they hit the brakes quickly and their arm comes flying out of nowhere to brace you! Or maybe you weren't so lucky and your parents were not supportive or were negative. 

Regardless of how supportive or non-supportive your parents were when you were growing up, it strongly influenced your mindset as an adult.

Your mindset is basically all your thoughts and beliefs dictating your viewpoint on things. If you are a positive person, you probably have a positive mindset. If you are a negative person, you probably have a negative mindset. If you are a cautious person, you probably are very cautious in your decisions. But how does this affect your goals?
A Positive Mindset-
“All Things Are Possible”
Those with a positive mindset tend to be optomistic and very ambitious while leaning into their goals. 

Their goals are taken seriously and they will find a way to achieve them. Optimistic people tend to be happier! 

They enjoy life and embrace moments that challenge them. The downside is that they may tend to set the bar low so they reach it every time. 

How high is your bar?

Negative Mindset-
“Debbie Downers”
Those with a negative mindset tend to be the "Debbie Downer" of setting and reaching goals. Not just their own goals but even goals of their friends. 

They find what can go wrong in a situation faster than anyone else in the room. They always have a reason or excuse as to why they cannot reach a goal they have set. 

Their inner voice often says things like this: “I can’t’ do this because...”, “If I were her of course I could do this”, “If I didn’t have to work all the time, I could….”, “If I wasn’t so fat, so stupid, so broke, so shy, so tired then I could….”

Do you find yourself making excuses all the time? Is it possible your parents gave excuses for you often?

Cautious Mindset- 
“Over Thinker”
Those with a cautious mindset tend to overthink and analyze every detail of every goal they set. Its automatic. They do this to protect themselves. 

Think about it, if you only think about a goal and don’t work to achieve your goal, then technically you didn’t fail, right? 

When you overthink things you miss out on so many opportunities to grow. Don’t let life pass you by! 

Information courtesy of Carolyne Johnson