5 Steps to Healthier Living...

One Step at a Time

Cut out processed or refined foods...

When food is refined, so much nutrition is removed, that companies are required by the government to add synthetic vitamins and minerals be added back! 

IF you see enriched or fortified that should be a red flag

Hundreds of nutrients are lost during the process, but only 5-10 are added back.

Play it safe and eat food that are not altered. 

Increase your water... 
Did you know that almost 70% of your body weight is water!

Every cell in your body needs water to function properly...

* it helps to get rid of waste 
* it helps to keep your body temperature normal
* it helps to cushion joints
* it helps to protect sensitive tissues

An easy way to figure out how much you need...

Your goal should be about 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily. 

A 150 lbs. woman would need approximately 75 ounces.

Eliminate sugar...

According to the U.S. F.D.A. the typical American now consumes about 32 teaspoons of added sugar a day. 

Sugar is not your friend! 

Don't be deceived... refined grains, such as white bread, metabolically is the same as sweets!

Refined carbohydrates, white flour, sweets, and fruit juices enter the bloodstream extremely fast!

Get adequate sleep...

The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep each day.

Sleep is crucial on your health journey!

* it helps boost your immune system
* it helps improve concentration and productivity
* it helps relax your respirations
* it helps lower your blood pressure and heart rate
* it helps repair your muscles, organs and other cells
* it helps regulate hormones

 Exercise is one of the least used medications out there!

* it helps lower blood pressure and heart rate
* it helps reduces stress
* it helps you sleep better
* it helps stabilize blood sugars
* it helps lower your risk of diseases
* it helps reduce body fat
* it hleps strengthen your immune system

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